Pittsburgh Spring: Conflict Kitchen

Pittsburgh weather can be moodier than a woman on her period. So, when the day’s beautifully sunny and warm, it is almost a crime not to pounce on the chance to go out and breath in the world.

 As the sun shone and the birds chirped, the entire city unanimously decided to leave their shaded buildings and step out in the light. Donning a dress for the first time in what seemed to be decades, I vowed to try something new. I felt rejuvenated and empowered by the comforting warmth I hadn’t felt for too long. All the worries and stress weighing down on me suddenly seemed unimportant and silly (at least at that moment).  I walked with a skip in my steps down Forbes in search of the perfect way to appreciate this first flicker of spring.


Of course, as always I found food to be the solution to everything. What better way to spend this beautiful day than taste a new flavor and eat underneath the blue sky?  In Schenley plaza, between the Carnegie Main Library and Hillman Library, there lies a unique little take-out restaurant called Conflict Kitchen. The main premise of Conflict Kitchen is that it only serves food of countries currently in conflict with the United States. Every couple of months, it changes its identity and serves cuisine from a different country, aiming to encourage and facilitate discussion on the current problems US has with that country. 

Image,Image Image


Currently, the country of choice is Afganistan and features a limited menu of delicious food. My excitement to eat and try this food meant that I did not think to take a picture of the food before I devoured more than half of it. However, I think that is the sign of truly good food (or just a really hungry person…). I did manage to capture it after it was half eaten, although it doesn’t quiet capture how tasty it was. 


On the left side are pakora with coriander chutney and on the right is Qorma-e-lubia, two of their vegetarian offerings. The size was large enough that I was unable to finish all the food even though I was starving earlier. The flavors were familiar but still completely different. Suffice to say, it was a sorely needed break from schoolwork that left a bright smile on my face for the rest of the day. 



What did you do on the first real day of spring? Were you as happy as me (and most Pitt students)? Or does the cold not bother you anyways? Since this was my first blog post, I would greatly appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. 


Can you relate?

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