The Door Fiasco

If I was able to buy a time machine, anywhere door, or invisibility helmet, what would I buy?

That’s a loaded question there. After all, every item has its pros and cons. Time can be very iffy since I don’t know how the change will effect the rest of the world. Plus, do I go back in time as my current physical self or into a younger version of me? Do I get to change a couple of things and leave or do I have to relive my life from that moment? I have dreamed many times of being given the chance to change my past, to make it better. Everyone has regrets and its tempting to be able to erase them. However, I’m in skeptic in the time machine’s ability. After all, in every movie or book where the protagonist received some amazing magical gift, there’s always some adverse effect they didn’t see. Out of these three gadgets, time machines seems to be the one that’s least controllable so I have to eliminate it first. 

The ability to turn invisible seems useful at first. However, is it really a good thing? My journey right now is all about stepping outside my comfort zone and doing things I’m too scared to. I am extremely self-conscious at most time and the invisible helmet would just give me the chance to hide more. It seems it would be very harmful to me personally. I wouldn’t overcome anything but I wouldn’t have to face it. So, the helmet’s out too. That leaves the anywhere doors!

The idea of anywhere doors makes me tingle with excitement. I would be able to go anywhere I want for free and without wasting any time. I could go to Japan for the day and be back in time for dinner. I wouldn’t need to waste money on housing at school because I can just go home to sleep (although I would never want to communte because of reasons so this could be a potentially bad thing). My parents would be so much happier because I would be able to visit them whenever I (or rather, they) wanted. The constant struggle between wanting to travel the world and still have a typical family life would be nonexistent because money wouldn’t be a factor. The anywhere doors seem to be a dream come true. They still have cons though. For one, they would take away the fun of traveling. The best part of traveling is the journey itself, not the destination. Every place would become mundane because there’s no challenge in getting there. I could go to the top of Mount Everest without any effort. Also, I have this image of doors popping up in the middle of the street and people walking into them all the time. Just imagine the amount of accidents that would cause. A door could pop up in the middle of a war. Thieves, terrorists, assassins, kidnappers, and all other bad guys would have such an easy time. The rate of crimes would skyrocket and there would be mass terror. Does that mean I wouldn’t buy the door either? Well…I would still buy it if I could. The temptation would be too great to ignore. The idea of being able to travel anywhere makes all my worriers disappear and I wouldn’t be thinking of the mess it could create at the moment. 

What would you buy? This was a prompt by the Daily Post.


Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?


Can you relate?

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