My Triumphant Return, DATs, and Hot Chocolate!!

If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Won’t Change You! – Unknown

These past couple of months, blogging was forgotten as classes started and excuses grew like mold on my previously pristine motivation. At first I was upset at myself but justified it with just not having enough time that week. Then, later I justified it by saying I had nothing to write anyways. Who would want to read the uneventful life of a chemistry major? Slowly but surely, the blog gathered dust and joined the Hall of Forgotten Things. However, there have been so many times in my life that I have started a project and given up halfway through. I end it by saying I am just not meant for this. I tried but I failed. But that’s a stupid perspective! So, I am back!!! (And hopefully for longer than a week)

A lot has actually been going on in my life recently. I have come to many a late-night self-realizations, have made some friendships and broken some, and eaten a lot of nutella! The biggest thing though, the lion sulking in the back of my mind at every single moment, is the DAT (Dental Admission Test). In July, I decided to join the ranks of teeth-loving pre-dentals after realizing being a physician was not what I wanted. In August, I started studying for the dreaded DATs and felt the struggle that is the PAT section. This week, on November 6, 2014, I take them!! It seems all of my existence since August has been geared towards this day. And now it’s almost here. I plan to make separate posts chronicling my journey because I know how helpful it is to hear other perspectives during this struggle. No matter what happens on Thursday, I am glad I had the opportunity to embark on this journey because it had definitely changed me!

Now, I must go to class and get some free hot chocolate on the way!! If anyone in the University of Pittsburgh didn’t know, every Monday the H2O churh sets up a tent outside of the union with free coffee and hot chocolate!!! Having a routine during the week is very calming for the soul and the hot chocolate helps too.

Also, I wanted to recommend some youtubers I have been into lately. I was never really that involved in following people on YouTube but recently have found it is a very good study break! My latest crushes are ConnorFranta and Superwoman!!! Both of them are just very relatable for me and I just enjoy listening to them ramble about something or other. Connor is just the right amount of weird and random to keep me interested in his videos while Lily just has a lot of stuff relatable to Indian-Americans/Canadians! Neither of them give deep life advice or do anything special (like making food drunk for example) but I find it enjoyable to just listen to them ramble. So check them out if you need something quick for a study break and tell me if you like them or not!!

Keep trying without crying! (That’s my new phrase and I like it very much)

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